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Meet our new dental therapist Katie Brown

We would like to give a warm welcome to our new dental therapist Katie Brown, Katie has been a dental therapist since June 2010, Katie will be working at the practice on a Thursday, Welcome to the team Katie.

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Staff and Clinicians

On Wednesday 28th June all staff and clinicians will be carrying out there annual training of CPR. At the training all staff will undergo a refresher course like we do every year in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. On our CPR training day we all receive training on the below along with first aid, chocking and how to use our defibulator machine.

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Staff Updates

We would like to give a warm welcome back to our Nurse/Receptionist Sue who has just returned back to work from her maternity leave. Sue has been off for the past year after the birth of her beautiful little boy Noah.

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Training Day

On Wednesday 24th May East Yorkshire Dental Studios held one of their annual training days for all staff and dentists, for this training day we had a total of 53 staff members present. The training day was held at the Beverley Rugby club and what a great venue it was for us all, Katie the manager there did a wonderful job in looking after us all making sure we were well feed and watered throughout the day.

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Meet our New Dentist Dominic Oxford

I'm really enjoying my new position as Associate Dentist at Edward House Dental Studio, I am originally from Bradford but Moved to East Yorkshire with my Wife in 2007.

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