Composites (white Filling)

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White or tooth coloured fillings provide a healthier, more natural alternative to traditional silver amalgam fillings. They also allow for a minimally invasive restoration meaning more of your natural tooth can be preserved.

White filings can be used in the front or the back of the mouth. They are the ideal, natural-looking way, to restore strength and function to damaged teeth. Your dentist can build up cracked or chipped teeth with a white filing to restore each tooth to its original look and feel or, it can be used to close gaps, reshape uneven or short teeth and filling cavities caused by tooth decay.


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When preparing you tooth for a white filling the cavity preparation is more conservative than for a traditional silver filling. Less of your own tooth structure is removed before the tooth is filled.


Fillings done in the composite material look better cosmetically because the composite material is tooth colored. It will blend in with your own tooth colour.


Unlike other fillings, composites actually chemically bonds to your tooth structure, giving further support to your tooth.