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What can you expect from your dental examination?

Includes full mouth oral cancer screen, assessment of jaw joint, jaw function, bite efficiency, Tooth assessment, Screening for periodontal disease and decay.

We will discuss the findings, present your options to correct anything that may be wrong and help you with a preventative home care routine.


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3 benefits of dental examinations

Your dentists will start your examination by checking your face, neck, lymph nodes and your jaw joint (TMJ) for anything out of the ordinary.


Your dentist will then examine your gum condition and look for signs of gum disease, check for loose teeth, tooth decay, broken teeth, damaged fillings and checking the contact points between your teeth. They will also check all your soft tissues in the mouth along with your tongue.


Dentists and Dental Therapists will also check your teeth for a buildup of soft plaque and tarter, making sure your oral health programme is working for you at home and how we may be able to help in anyway if needed.