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20,000 investment in patient care

East Yorkshire Dental Studios has invested £20,000 in a state-of-the-art microscope which will improve patient care.

The practice bought the powerful ceiling-mounted microscope for carrying out complicated root fillings.

Owner and principal dentist Jason Spence said they made the investment to boost patients’ chances of successful treatments.

He said: “It is used for doing complicated root fillings and precision cosmetic work. It has an incredibly bright white LED light source which allows us to see clearly what we're doing.

“Doing a root filling without a microscope is a bit like driving down a motorway at night with your headlights switched off. It's possible, but sometimes it ends badly.

“The scope allows us to focus right down the length of a root canal so we can often see to the end of the tooth. At this level of magnification it often becomes evident why other dentists’ root fillings haven't worked,” he said.

The Zeiss microscope, made by Carl Zeiss, a German company, is widely recognised to be one of the best in the world.

The microscope also has a high definition video camera which is linked to a 32-inch television screen, allowing the dentists to see down the root canals.

It will be based at the Brough practice, Welton Road, which is a referral practice for complicated dentistry and also treats patients from other practices who need advanced dental work.

Jason, who has a Masters in Dental Implantology, making him one of a handful of experts in implantology in Yorkshire, added: “The camera is useful for pointing out to people where things have gone wrong in the past or for explaining what we'll be doing.”

Dr Chris Maher, who specialises in endodontics, said he is looking forward to using the new equipment to perform root canal work on his patients, as it will maximise their chances of successful treatment.

He said: “As well as being a great gadget to play with, the main reason we've made such an expensive Montblanc Replica Watches purchase is to improve patient care. There's lots of good quality evidence available to prove that using microscopes in dentistry dramatically improves the chances of root fillings being successful.”

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