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EYDS welcomes tooth whitening legislation

RECENT years has seen a huge influx in trades offering teeth whitening, from beauty salons to hairdressers.


But what the general public don’t widely realise is that there are many different types of chemicals that can be used in the teeth whitening process. Some of these can damage teeth and can be very dangerous if used incorrectly.


The problem with beauticians and others carrying out these treatments is that they have very limited knowledge of teeth, and have had no training in safe techniques or the right chemicals to use. Many rely on company reps who just want to sell their own brand of tooth whitening materials.


This is why new legislation has now been passed which means that only dentists can now perform this treatment, nobody else.


Anybody else now offering this treatment is practising dentistry illegally, so if anything goes wrong, they will not be insured.


If you use the wrong materials, it can kill teeth or cause very painful abcesses, but used correctly by a dentist, it can be very effective.


The dental profession has been lobbying for a change to legislation, so this move is very welcome, and hopefully those practising illegally have already stopped.


I would urge anyone seeing this practice being performed by anyone other than a dentist to report it to Trading Standards and the General Dental Council.


Anyone flouting the law could face a hefty fine running into the thousands.


At our practice, teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic procedure, and is the singular most effective way of taking years off your age.


Any adult can have a cosmetic benefit from tooth whitening, however our best results tend to be with the thirty somethings and above, people who smoke will especially benefit.


Other things, such as highly coloured foods like berries, coffee, red wine, and trauma, can also discolour teeth.


Anyone considering having it done should book a consultation with a dentist who offers this, when any concerns and questions should be answered and they can relax in the knowledge that a trained professional will ensure a safe and effective treatment.



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